The power of the press is more like the power of suggestion

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By Fred Arnold

A reader from Munden came in last week and was still hot that the Republic County Commissioners have not committed to having a tax sale.

I heard all the ‘cussing and discussing’ ranging from “don’t they want the tax money, don’t they need the tax money” to “if it doesn’t happen in Belleville they don’t give a crap” and “the county attorney wants more money for doing less work.”


The final comment was “can’t you write something in the paper and make them do it?” Yes, the power of the press is considerable. Even on the local level. It has been said you can’t win an argument with someone who buys paper by the ton and ink by the barrel. And while I cannot “make” the county commissioners do anything, it is difficult to understand why getting an annual tax sale in Republic County is so daunting and seemingly impossible.


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